Essential Info
Semi-finalist: MODI- The Museum of Diversity and Inclusion
Country: Germany
Field: Employment of disabled, marginalised and older people

MODI- The Museum of Diversity and Inclusion


MODI provides experience-based learning through encounters with people who have to deal with stigma and exclusion.

MODI uses exhibitions as catalysts for social change. MODI is a primary site for civic dialogue about social issues. The learning format is unique, as people who actually face stigmatisation due to age, disability or ethnic background are the facilitators in the context of the highly immersive exhibitions. Hence, an authentic encounter stimulates a mindset-shift, which spreads out in the community. They become ambassadors, take responsibility and promote empathy, solidarity and openness towards other ways of living, cultures and values. The social transformation starts in an oasis of the real, and will be continued in the digital world.

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